A little journey to Devon for Poco Paul and Poca Ann

Travelling back to Devon from Bristol on a sparkly November morning with a soundtrack of The Lemonheads and coffee in my belly. My journey up was accompanied by an egrit and a rainbow, this journey is accompanied by a sense of excitement and adventure.

As some may know ‘Poco’ means ‘a little’ and ‘Drom’ means ‘journey’ and that is exactly what Poco Drom has been for us. After our strangely straightforward move to Dawlish this little journey has begun its next eventful stage. Up until a few weeks ago I had been balancing Poco Drom with a full-time job, working every evening and weekends and doing everything I could to get our little journey on its way. With my wonderful wife by my side we made this summer a fantastic experience, travelling to festivals, meeting new inspirational and inspiring people and really discovering the direction that we wanted our little journey to go in, it so happened that direction was south!


So we moved to Devon, by the sea, watching the sunrise and counting cormorants, but the move has meant changes for Poco Drom too. Ann is now saving the environment from evil pollution big and small which means that whilst she will sadly be less of a regular fixture at Poco workshops I am now able to devote my full efforts to our Poco world.

The first thing I have been able to do, which has never happened before, is organise a series of regular workshops, one is Bristol and one in Devon. We are so pleased to say that the Bristol workshop will be at The Bubbahub in Bedminster. This lovely little play cafe is the perfect environment for a winter animal song sing-along, decorated with bunting and serving a selection of tempting cakes, teas and coffees. Between now and the new year there will be two Wednesday workshops on 4th and the 11th of December. There is no extra charge for the workshop but a £1 entrance fee to the play cafe applies. In the New Year we hope to continue the workshops at Bubbahub so more details of these sessions will follow. Up until now our workshops have been one off events so hopefully folks will take this opportunity to get some regular Poco musical fun in their lives!

One of the first places we noticed when we moved to Dawlish was the wonderful Monkey House play cafe. We thought ‘where else would be more perfect for some wild animal music?’ This bigger play cafe has climbing areas, a ball pit and slides. It’s great for little ones to jump about and discover their inner monkey all with a musical soundtrack engaging their creative sides as well. I’ll be there every Tuesday from 11.00 until 11.30 between now and the New Year. Again there is no extra charge for the workshop but normal entrance costs apply. Arrive before 10.30 and entrance is only £1.50.

So with renewed energy, the blessing of a little time and a fair wind the good ship Poco Drom is sailing on to undiscovered fruitful waters. More exciting news to follow…..

Squeek soon!

Poco Paul



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